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Time for Something Funny

Well, it’s good not to be too serious. Check out the video below. It’s proof we’re not the only “curious and unusual people”. Check out this video. Advertisements

Why do I go to Church?

I have left messages on this and other blogs about how boring church can be. This has prompted the question, “Well, if it’s so boring, why do you even bother to go?” First of all, let me state that I am a believing mormon. I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, I believe in the […]

Why don’t Mormons Celebrate Easter?

Ok, I thought that would get your attention. Let’s talk semantics for a minute. I will agree that mormons “observe” Easter, but we don’t “celebrate” Easter. Certainly we believe in the resurrection. However, in comparison to other Christian denominations, mormon celebration is a yawner. There is no Easter fireside by the first presidency. Congregation celebrations […]

Blacks & the Priesthood: Why don’t we talk about Elijah Abel and Green Flake?

Most Mormons believe that President Kimball’s revelation in 1978 was the first time black church members were able to hold the priesthood. However, in 1836, Elijah Abel was ordained an elder, probably by Joseph Smith himself. Elijah helped build the Nauvoo Temple, tried to rescue Joseph from jail, and served several missions for the church. […]