The Book of Mormon: An Imperfect Book?

Signature Books sent me an advance copy of An Imperfect Book by Earl M. Wunderli, and it is due to be released tomorrow, June 17.  (Perhaps it’s a great gift for that non-believing dad for Father’s Day.)  The subtitle to the book is “What the Book of Mormon tells us about itself.”  Wunderli takes the […]

Q&A with Terryl and Fiona Givens

What a week!  I had the pleasure of attending sessions with both Ron Paul and Terryl Givens.  Now I have to choose whether to write about Ron Paul, or Terryl Givens.  Tough choice.  Given that political discussions often devolve into ideological (and often irrational) arguments, I’m just not in the mood for Ron Paul this […]

FAIR 2012 Review

In past years, it seems that the Sunstone Symposium and FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) have overlapped, so it was difficult to attend both.  However, this year they were not the same week.  I was able to attend my first FAIR conference, though my time was limited to just 2 speakers.  Since this […]

Sunstone 2012

Sunstone began on Wednesday, but unfortunately, I could only attend Friday.  I thought I would give some initial impressions of the sessions so far.

The Bushman Interviews

As a recap, here is a recap of all of my posts transcribing the Richard Bushman interview.

Bushman’s Testimony of Joseph Smith

It took more than a month, but I’m finally finished.  This is the conclusion of John Dehlin’s 5 part interview with Richard Bushman.  (I will post an index tomorrow of the interviews.) JD, “Well if I can ever help, I’m just one small little voice but I’d love to help to that end.  Well Brother […]

Stung by the Bees; Why it’s hard to help the Disaffected

Following up on John Dehlin’s feelings on how the Bushman interview has progressed so far, Bushman discusses why it’s hard to help the disaffected. Dehlin, “Now, about this episode, after four hours of interviews with me, it was clear that Dr. Bushman felt as though, in his words, I’d gotten the best out of him. […]


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