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Good Friday, Easter, and Mormons

As Easter approaches every year, it seems that many people type “do mormons celebrate easter” into Google.  If you do that right now, you will see that my post from 2008 is the #1 result on Google: Why Don’t Mormons Celebrate Easter? Frankly it’s shocking to me that my post is ranked so high on […]

Were Israelites Not Slaves to the Egyptians?

With Passover beginning on April 19, I thought it might be nice to look at a new theory of the Exodus.  If you want to see some of the previous theories, click here for my post on Questions about the Exodus.  I just reviewed a video from the History Channel called Bible Battles.  The film […]

Current Race Relations Within the LDS Church

Armand Mauss is an LDS sociologist from Washington State University.  He wrote a chapter in the book Black and Mormon, where he discusses race relations within the church.  He has both positive and negative things to say about race relations.  I’ll start with the positive.  Mauss notes that the LDS church has been involved in […]

Using Scriptures to Debunk the Priesthood Ban

Alma Allred wrote a chapter in the book titled Black and Mormon.  On page 37, he states: I don’t believe that LDS scripture allows for a restriction against blacks’ holding the priesthood.  Nor do I think that LDS theology can reasonably maintain that today’s blacks are descendants of Cain or that ancient intermarriage with Canaanites perpetuated […]

Rick Reilly, Dan Patrick Discuss Jimmer

Wow, 2 sports posts in a row!  I don’t think that’s ever happened on my blog before.  First of all, I have a disclosure to make.  I’m a big Utah fan.  I’m excited we’re going to the Pac-12.  However, since Rick Majerus left, it has been tough to watch the Utes play basketball.  When they […]

Bishop Ainge Takes in His Troubled Nephew

It’s not often that I get to talk about sports on my blog.  I came across this interesting article about Erik and Danny Ainge.  Erik is a backup quarterback for the New York Jets, and former starting quarterback for the University of Tennessee.  I was surprised to learn that his uncle Danny is currently serving […]

Scholarship History of the Priesthood Ban

The Priesthood ban for black members of the church is a pet topic of mine.  I have previously discussed Early Black Mormons who held the priesthood, as well as a long 10,000 word article discussing events leading to the ban.  Newell Bringhurst and Darron Smith have put together a list of 9 essays highlighting different […]


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