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Emma Smith: My Story

I saw a sneak preview of the upcoming movie, “Emma Smith: My Story” at the LDS Film Festival in January. It is due to be released in about a week–April 11 here in Utah. I highly recommend it. It was commissioned by the Joseph Smith Historical Society, and has many of the same actors and actresses who appeared in “Legacy“, which used to show at the Joseph Smith Building. The producers even received permission to use some of the unused footage from Legacy. For those of you in Utah, I really encourage you to attend during the opening weekend. This makes a big impact on how long the film will run. It is a highly professional production, and it is a truly inspiring story.

It is highly historically accurate. A couple, perhaps controversial aspects of the film, were very interesting to me. One deals with Emma asking Joseph for a blessing. Joseph was in jail, and not able to do the blessing, so he told Emma to write a letter with what she wanted to be blessed with, and he would sign it. Now in the movie, this conversation takes place in person, but the scene is basically accurate. What are your responses to that? Would such a request be acceptable today?

In this letter, Emma talks about the “Curse of Eve.” I had never heard of this doctrine, but apparently it was fairly prevalent in the church in the 1830-40’s. Does anyone have more information on this?

The film briefly addresses polygamy, showing that it was extremely difficult for Emma. The film ends about the time of Joseph’s death, but does mention that Emma remarried a Lewis Bidamon, who had an affair while married to Emma. Emma ended up raising Bidamon’s child as her own. Her faithfulness, and forgiveness is unimaginable to me. She was a remarkable woman.

Some in the audience asked why the producers stopped at Joseph’s death, and didn’t cover more information. The producers response was “Do you have 2 more hours?” They didn’t rule out the possibility of covering Emma’s life after Joseph’s death, but they will definitely need this film to make money before they can think about a sequel. Anyway, I highly encourage you all to see it. It is an amazing film, and you’ll probably learn some things about church history that you weren’t aware of.

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One comment on “Emma Smith: My Story

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