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Parenting Taboos – Part 2

I wrote a TED Talk transcript of Parenting Taboos previously.  Parents Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman (I guess she didn’t take his last name–maybe that’s another taboo) gave an interesting TED Talk (episode 3 available on Netflix.) In part 1, they gave 2 parenting taboos.

  1. Taboo #1:  You can’t say you didn’t fall in love with your baby in the very first minute.
  2. Taboo #2:  You can’t talk about how lonely having a baby can be.

Here is part 2 of the transcript, and we pick up on Taboo #3. Continue Reading »

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Atheist in a Foxhole: The Tillman Story

Pat Tillman pictured as a soldier, and NFL linebacker

I watched an interesting documentary last week, The Tillman Story.  Pat Tillman played NFL football for the Arizona Cardinals, and unexpectedly quit the NFL and enlisted in the army rangers following the September 11 attacks.  I knew he had been killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004, and there was a coverup, but didn’t really know all the details.

The film interviews many of Tillman’s family, friends and fellow troops.  Private First Class (PFC) Bradley O’Neal described his surprise at seeing Pat Tillman reading the Book of Mormon.  O’Neal noted that Tillman wasn’t religious at all (a huge understatement, Tillman is an atheist), but Tillman said he respected religious people.  O’Neal offered to answer any questions Tillman had because O’Neal is a Mormon. Continue Reading »


Parenting Taboos – Part 1

Rufus-AlisaWith Father’s Day here, maybe it’s a good idea to talk about parenting Taboos.  Parents Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman (I guess she didn’t take his last name–maybe that’s another taboo) gave an interesting Ted Talk (episode 3 available on Netflix) where they discussed parenting taboos.  I created a transcript, and here’s what they had to say. Continue Reading »

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MHA 2015 in Review

The Annual Mormon History Association meetings came to Provo last night.  Last year it was in San Antonio, and next year it will be at Snowbird Resort in Utah.  Sometimes I like it better when it’s out of town, because I can attend all the sessions.  When I’m home, there’s just too much going on, so I have to miss some of the session.  Anyway, here’s a recap of the sessions I attended. Continue Reading »

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Caitlyn Jenner, Welcome to being a Woman in America!

Bruce-CaitlynJennerThis week the news has been filled with Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation from a man to a woman, and the Vanity Fair photo shoot.  I’m not sure how you feel about the issue.  Jon Stewart gave a very interesting take on the topic, and it was a very interesting monologue that was a bit different than most of the things we’ve heard from the media.  Jon made some interesting points about how Caitlyn is going to have to get used to how we objectify women.  First Jon begins by being a little surprised at how positive the media has been concerning the transformation. {language warning} Continue Reading »


False Prophets

In the Bloggernacle, it seems that the main players are atheists, liberal Mormons, and Orthodox Mormons.  It is pretty rare that an evangelical Mormon enters the debate, and I think is even more rare for a Mormon to become an evangelical.  (Granted, my view could be biased by my experience.  From my experience, most former Mormons tend to be atheists here, so hearing one turn evangelical seems unusual.)  Kullervo happens to be one of these rare people—a Mormon turned evangelical, and I thought it would be interesting to bring his perspective for a topic.

Back in March, Hawkgrrrl had a popular post:  Is Belief in Polygamy Required for Church Membership?  In the comments, Kullervo and I got into a debate about whether polygamy is a false revelation, and whether Joseph Smith is a false prophet.  In my unorthodoxy, I said that I think Joseph Smith was deceived about polygamy, and that it was a false revelation.  I think more than one biblical prophet has issued a revelation that was not God’s will.  I am on record as saying Continue Reading »


Posts Restored – Back to the Present

Many of you have noticed a blast from the past on my blog.  Back in Feb 2013, my host server crashed and I had to back up my blog and try to restore it.  I picked WordPress.com, thinking that was a good choice.  Well, it didn’t restore all my posts–I was missing about 150 of them.  Over the last week, I have manually restored approximately 100 posts from 2009-2011, so that’s why they appeared.  I think I’m done with the old posts, but I am still trying to restore the comments for 2010-11.  Anyway, you shouldn’t notice any old posts appearing again, unless I go back and fix the garbage characters.  (I tried to fix them but may have missed some.)  So if you’re wondering why my blog was in a time warp, that’s why.  I hope you enjoyed a blast from the past!


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