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God Bless Foster Parents

I went to a missionary farewell at my old ward today.  It was fun to see old friends and catch up on their lives.  One family sticks out in my mind.  The father was just released as a singles’ ward bishop.  He and his wife have raised several children of multi-races and ethnic backgrounds.  While the parents (I’ll call Bob and Mary) have always been stalwart members of the church, their children are anything but stalwart.

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Is John going down?

John Dehlin has posted an update to his discussions with his Stake President.  The stake president has asked John several things in regards to his Mormon Stories and Facebook groups.  There is one item that John has agreed to do.  He was asked to “Resign my status as an ordained minister in another faith” (I signed up here once to be able to marry a friend, though the opportunity never materialized)”  John agreed to “resign from the web site listed above, and seek to find another means to conduct marriages if the need arises.”

However, I think the other items are going to be major sticking points.  The Stake President asked John to Continue Reading »

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Brain Injuries and Free Agency

Robin Williams

Nearly everyone has been heart-broken over the news of Robin Williams.  In recent days, we have discovered that Williams not only had been suffering with depression for years, but also was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. Because of Williams death, physicians are being advised to more aggressively treat patients for depression that have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

How much free agency do people with brain disorders have?  Mormons generally believe that people born with mental retardation or Down’s Syndrome are not in need of baptism.  (A teenage girl with Downs Syndrome on my old ward, daughter of a member of the bishopric, recently elected to become baptized herself so that she could participate in baptisms for the dead with the young women of the ward.)  But when brain injuries, such as stroke, Alzheimers, Dementia, depression, etc., his someone later in life, how much free agency do they really have? Continue Reading »


Does Pres Monson Have Dementia?

I was listening to John Dehlin’s interview of Kate Kelly this past week, and they brought up an interesting point that I wanted to discuss more openly.  In the last 5 minutes of part 2,

John, “Some people are speculating that there’s a power vacuum in the Church right now, that….”

Kate Kelly interrupts, “Some people on NPR are speculating….”

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Thoughts on Sunstone, MHA, and FAIR

From Thursday to Saturday is the Sunstone Conference in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah, and here is the conference program.  Sunstone, Mormon History Association, and the FAIR Conference have always been very interesting to me because it is a time to get more serious discussions that you get in Sunday School.  As I’ve reflected on my time at these conferences, it occurred to me that the environment of the three is different.

Sunstone usually has a more open, liberal flavor.  Presentations range more wildly than the other venues.  Some can be faith-promoting, while others can be down right antagonistic.  I’ve learned better which presenters are antagonistic and I do a better job of avoiding them.  It does seem to me to be more diverse.  Some presentations are very academic in nature, and some are very personal and non-academic. Continue Reading »


The Frustration of Temple Symbolism

I’ve really enjoyed the past few posts by Guy Templeton over at Wheat and Tares regarding some topics of the temple.  I’ve also enjoyed the interactions with Jettboy and Forgetting here at by blog.  Guy has discussed temple symbolism.  I have expressed frustration at this symbolism, because to me it seems just like a puzzle  I have said in my previous post,

I suck at symbolic language. It’s very difficult for me. The temple is repetitive, and I don’t know what I am supposed to notice. To answer Jettboy’s question, as Guy posted [last week] at W&T, am I supposed to notice the carpet and butterfly symbolism, or is this straining at gnats? If it is what I’m supposed to be noticing, then I suck at symbolic language. Because it feels like straining at gnats to me. Some people may enjoy this puzzle and may find personal inspiration and enjoyment out of looking at carpet and butterflies, but my brain just doesn’t work that way, and I find it frustrating if my brain is supposed to work that way. Perhaps that is why I don’t get much from the temple.

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Female Priesthood would Require Changes in the Temple Ceremony

There is an interesting post over at Wheat and Tares by Guy Templeton.  He first asks about whether female temple workers hold priesthood, writing

In nearly all blessings and ordinances, priesthood members perform the blessing or ordinance under the “authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood.”  I noticed recently at the temple that the ordinances are performed merely “by authority.”  As I understand it, women repeat words nearly identical to men when performing initiatory rites.  There has been some debate about whether women actually hold the priesthood when performing temple ordinances.  Elder Oaks recently said “With the exception of the sacred work that sisters do in the temple under the keys held by the temple president, which I will describe hereafter, only one who holds a priesthood office can officiate in a priesthood ordinance. All authorized priesthood ordinances are recorded on the records of the church.”

Guy concludes with a poll asking Continue Reading »


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